New 2019-20 football kits: Real Madrid, Man Utd, Barcelona & all the top clubs' shirts & jerseys revealed

2019-20 kits
Adidas/Nike Goal composite
Goal takes a look at what all the biggest teams will be wearing next season, with official releases, leaks of potential kits and more

Nowadays, the launch of a club's new kit is an event that is woven into the build up to every new season. You see, it is not enough to simply play good football, one must also look good while doing so.

It is a highly lucrative business, with clubs negotiating deals worth millions with manufacturers and fans forking out hefty sums on an annual basis so that they can sport their team's new look.

Ahead of the 2019-20 campaign, Goal takes a look at all the newest kits, including leaks and rumours, from the biggest clubs in the world.

Check back for regular updates as we get them.

  1. AC Milan - Home kit

    AC Milan - Home kit

    Puma made AC Milan's 2019-20 kit and have brought back a thinner style of Rossoneri stripe pattern which has been used periodically, perhaps most notably in the 1970s, 1990s and 2010s.


  2. AC Milan - Away kit

    AC Milan - Away kit

    AC Milan will wear La Maglia Bianca - the famous white jersey, which has become a good luck charm for the club - as their away kit in 2019-20.

    Of course, the club's iconic colours feature too, with black on one shoulder and red on the other.

  3. Ajax - Home kit

    Ajax - Home kit

    Ajax launched their new home kit for 2019-20 at the beginning of May and they have made a few subtle alterations to their classic look.

    Still with adidas, they have switched from a v-neck collar to a crew neck one and there is a slight increase of black on the collar.

    Three stripes run down the sides of the jersey, having migrated from the shoulders of the 2018-19 edition.

  4. Ajax - Away kit

    Ajax - Away kit

    In addition, Ajax also revealed the club's third kit, which makes its debut in the club's final Eredivisie match of the season against De Graafschap. The kit features a dark green colourway with orange stripes.

  5. Arsenal - Home kit
    Adidas / Goal composite

    Arsenal - Home kit

    Arsenal's deal with Puma expired in the summer and the Gunners are return to Adidas for the first time since the early 1990s after agreeing a lucrative £300 million ($386m) deal.

    We were given a teaser of what a modern Arsenal kit made by the brand with the three stripes would look like thanks to leaks online and the club officially launched their home kit on July 1.

    Recent work from Adidas has seen an emphasis placed on nostalgia, with designers taking inspiration from styles of the 1980s and 1990s in particular. From 1986 until 1994, the north London club's kits were produced by Adidas, so there was plenty of original material to work with.

    The launch video features none other than Ian Wright explaining that one is not born a Londoner, they are made one. Stars from the past and present feature, as well as Hollywood star Idris Elba, who is a noted Gunners fan.

  6. Arsenal - Away kit

    Arsenal - Away kit

    Leaks gave us a glimpse of adidas' Arsenal away kit for 2019-20 back in May and it was officially confirmed in mid-July.

    Yellow and navy, it is a direct nod to the 'bruised banana' style of kit worn by the Gunners during the 1990s, with a subtle, shaded zig-zag design on the torso.

  7. Arsenal - Third kit

    Arsenal - Third kit

    Arsenal's third kit for the 2019-20 season is dark blue in colour with yellow stripes and trim.

    The club badge itself has been given a blue and yellow spin so that it blends in with the shirt.

  8. Atletico Madrid - Home kit
    Nike/Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid - Home kit

    Nike's Atletico Madrid home kits have been somewhat experimental in recent seasons, with the sportswear giant playing around with the appearance of iconic candy stripes.

    However, the 2019-20 edition reverts to traditional solid stripes. It could well be the last Nike kit for a while, too, with Puma rumoured to be taking over the contract.

  9. Atletico Madrid - Away kit

    Atletico Madrid - Away kit

    While Atletico Madrid go for traditional red and white stripes in their home kit, their away kit for 2019-20 is strikingly bold in comparison.

    All black, the kit pops with a sharp red on the sponsor insignia, club badge and trims, making it more Rojinegros than Rojiblancos.

  10. Barcelona - Home kit

    Barcelona - Home kit

    Barcelona will be teaming up with Nike once again in 2019-20 and they are adopting a bold new look in their home kit.

    The Catalan club have not been shy about deviating from the traditional thick vertical Blaugrana stripes on their home kit in recent years, even adopting a hooped look in 2015-16, and the new design for the upcoming season's home kit may be one step too far for the purists.

    This season, Barca are set to wear a Croatia-style chequered jersey, which was launched with the tag line, "talent takes different shapes". The club say that it is inspired by the blocks of the Eixample, an expansion district of Catalunya.

    While Barca have never gone for such a design before, the new look call to mind the special edition jersey released by Nike in 2018 to celebrate 20 years working with the club.

  11. Barcelona - Away kit

    Barcelona - Away kit

    Barcelona's new away kit for 2019-20 is dedicated to La Masia as the club celebrates the academy's 40th anniversary.

    Based on the club's kit from 1979, it is yellow with a diagonal red and blue sash cutting through the front of the jersey. It has a v-neck collar, which incorporates the Catalan flag at the back, while the sleeve trims are different colours - red on one side, blue on the other.

    “Barca’s away kit from ’79 is a cult classic and with us wanting to pay homage to La Masia, it made perfect sense to use a kit from its founding year as the starting point," said Nike's Pete Hoppins.

    “What you get is this beautiful vintage Barca design merged with all the benefits of modern technology. La Masia has produced so many iconic players and it remains an honor to produce kits for them.”

  12. Bayern Munich - Home kit
    Bayern Munich

    Bayern Munich - Home kit

    Bayern Munich's long-standing partnership with Adidas has yet again produced a beautiful kit.

    Next season's shirt will see Adidas depart from the 90's-esque zig-zag stripes that adorned this season's jersey, in favour of subtly patterned horizontal stripes of two different shades of red.

    T-Mobile will remain as the primary sponsor, while Qatar Airways will also have their logo on the sleeves again.

  13. Bayern Munich - Away kit
    Bayern Munich

    Bayern Munich - Away kit

    As for Bayern's change strip, the Bundesliga champions have switched back to an all-white shirt having dabbled with green during the 2018-19 campaign.
  14. Borussia Dortmund - Home kit

    Borussia Dortmund - Home kit

    Borussia Dortmund continue their relationship with Puma in 2019-20 and their new home kit sees a few subtle changes to the design.

    There is less black overall, with the sportswear giants opting to increase the yellow, and the shoulders feature an eye-catching geometric pattern.

    Evonik remains on the front as the chief sponsor.

  15. Celtic - Home kit
    New Balance/Celtic

    Celtic - Home kit

    New Balance are making Celtic's kits in 2019-20 and there have been a few changes to the classic hooped jersey.

    There is more white on the shirt overall, with the hoops stopping at the shoulders. The idea is to accentuate the new green polo collar, which has been added in place of the crew-neck look.

  16. Celtic - Away kit
    New Balance

    Celtic - Away kit

    Celtic have ditched white for their away kit in 2019-20 and instead will be sporting a yellow and dark green number.

  17. Chelsea - Home kit

    Chelsea - Home kit

    The Chelsea home kit for 2019-20 was revealed at the beginning of May. The new edition has reverted to all blue - dispensing with the white and red streaks on the 2018-19 version - and it is overlaid with a Stamford Bridge-inspired design.

    The kit brings to mind some of the 1990s home kits, which often featured shimmering two-tone templates on the traditional blue.

  18. Chelsea - Away kit

    Chelsea - Away kit

    Nike unveiled Chelsea's new away kit in mid-July, a crisp white polo jersey with a red-and-blue trimmed button-down collar. The new kit is inspired by the Mod culture that was popular on the King’s Road, a short walk from Stamford Bridge in west London, in the 1960s. 

    The new shirt includes the inscription “Pride of London” on the buttons and within the shirt, while the head-to-toe look is completed by white shorts and Chelsea blue socks, featuring a white-red-white stripe midway up the calf.

  19. Everton - Home kit

    Everton - Home kit

    Umbro are producing Everton's kits and their 2019-20 home kit features a tribute to Goodison Park architect Archibald Leitch.

    The criss-crossed beams which appear on the upper tier of the Bullens Road stand of the Merseyside venue are recalled in a design across the chest.

  20. Everton - Away kit

    Everton - Away kit

    Everton's new away kit for 2019-20 is inspired by the salmon-coloured kit worn by the club in their first league-title-winning campaign in 1890-91.

    The chief colour is coral - which is a light shade of orange - and it's set against navy trimmings on the collar and various insignia.

    A subtle two-tone sash design features on the jersey too, which, according to the club's official website "[echoes] the design synonymous with the black and scarlet sash kit that earned Everton the nickname ‘the Black Watch’ in 1881."

    So there you are.

  21. Inter - Home kit

    Inter - Home kit

    Inter incorporate diagonal Nerazzurri stripes into their kit for the 2019-20 season. The diagonal stripes are restricted to the area of the shirt around the sponsor, Pirelli.

    Fittingly, given the nature of Pirelli's business, the diagonal stripes resemble tyre tracks when set against the vertical stripes.

    Nike is still the manufacturer of Inter's kit and it features white trimming around the v-neck collar and sleeves.

  22. Inter - Away kit

    Inter - Away kit

    Inter have taken inspiration from an unusual source for their 2019-20 away kit.

    The goalkeeper kit worn by Julio Cesar during their treble-winning season of 2009-10 is the starting point for a striking aquamarine jersey.

    Featuring a v-neck collar, it is completed by black and gold trims, with white shorts as well as green and white colour-blocked socks.

  23. Juventus - Home kit

    Juventus - Home kit

    Juventus fans have already been subjected to a total brand regeneration with their badge and now they will have to get used to a whole new look for 2019-20.

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. will not be wearing the traditional Bianconeri vertical stripes but a white and black shirt where the two colours are in blocks, separated by a thin red-pink stripe. 

    The three stars above the badge have also changed to gold from white, while Jeep remain as the sponsor.

  24. Juventus - Away kit

    Juventus - Away kit

    Juventus have adopted what adidas describe as a "bold" and "disruptive" new look in their away kit for 2019-20, with a white and red colourway.

    The jersey features a subtle off-white camouflage-style graphic and a v-neck collar, with bright red trimmings on the sleeves, as well as the sponsor logos.

  25. Juventus - Third kit

    Juventus - Third kit

    Adidas have kept it classy with their third strip for the Bianconeri, with a Unity Blue colour that pays homage to the club's away strip history. In addition, the jersey comes with an eco-friendly vibe and is made from recycled polyester.
  26. Leicester City - Home kit
    Leicester City

    Leicester City - Home kit

    Leicester City unveiled their home strip for the 2019-20 season on May 7, with adidas continuing as the club's kit manufacturer.

    The campaign for the new kit "celebrates a unique cultural diversity across all areas of the Football Club and its supporter base", with the shirt set to be complemented by white shorts, which the club haven't used since the 2014-15 season, and blue socks.

  27. Leicester City - Away kit
    Leicester City/Adidas

    Leicester City - Away kit

    The Foxes will alternate between two away kits this coming season and the most eye-catching of the pair is their pink version.

    Featuring a torso design similar to that which adidas deployed in recent Germany kits, it is complemented by black stripes on the shoulders.

    The adidas logo and the club badge are also black, making it a stylish number.

  28. Liverpool - Home kit
    New Balance

    Liverpool - Home kit

    Liverpool unveiled their new home kit for the 2019-20 season in April and manufacturers New Balance have taken inspiration from the Bob Paisley era in their design.

    The Merseyside outfit notably wore a jersey with pinstripes during Paisley's tenure in the 1970s and 1980s as they won six league titles and three European Cups. Pinstripes have returned in the new home kit and there are some other small alterations in design too. The New Balance logo and Liverpool badge have reverted to gold from white and the collar has also been ditched.

    "This year’s home kit is incredibly strong," said Reds defender Virgil van Dijk. "I’m really looking forward to wearing it as we continue to build upon the club’s illustrious history and this season’s success."

    Liverpool also revealed their new goalkeeper kit, which is a classy black and gold colourway.

  29. Liverpool - Away kit
    New Balance

    Liverpool - Away kit

    Liverpool's away kit for 2019-20 is white with a small bit of red on the sleeve and navy colouring for the badge, sponsor and manufacturer.

    The design and colourway is said to be inspired by street signs around Anfield.

  30. Manchester City - Home Kit

    Manchester City - Home Kit

    Manchester City will ditch Nike in 2019-20 after signing a remarkable £650 million ($863m) deal with Puma. The deal involves the other clubs in the City Football Group, including Melbourne City and Girona.

    The new range was launched on July 1 and the home kit is the traditional light blue colour, with hints of purple incorporated. A woven jacquard wave pattern features as a nod to Manchester's cotton industry, which thrived during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Bjorn Gulden, the CEO of Puma, said: "We want to maximise on-field performance as well as football culture, in areas such as music, gaming and fashion to connect and inspire the fanbase of each team."

  31. Manchester City - Away kit

    Manchester City - Away kit

    Manchester City's away kit for 2019-20 will be predominantly black with yellow stripes on the shoulder, blue trim on the sleeves and the Puma logo is pink.

    It is directly inspired by the famous nightclub, The Hacienda, which was popular in Manchester during the 1980s and 1990s when the 'Madchester' music scene was on the rise.

  32. Manchester City - Third kit
    Manchester City

    Manchester City - Third kit

    Man City's third kit was unveiled ahead of the team’s arrival in Shanghai for their pre-season tour of Asia.

    Said the club: "The vibrant and disruptive kit colours embody the modernity of the club and its mission to play attractive, technically-skilled and attacking football, from the men’s and women’s first team, right through the academies."

    Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola said, “Football is a source of inspiration and enjoyment to millions around the world. On the pitch, our aim is to play attacking and entertaining football and I’m delighted that the PUMA design team has used this as inspiration for our new Third kit. I  look forward to seeing it on-pitch this season.”

  33. Manchester United - Home kit

    Manchester United - Home kit

    Manchester United will continue their partnership with Adidas in 2019-20 and the kit is set for an overhaul, including changes to the badge.

    The 2018-19 version featured a lot of black - on the shoulder stripes and the horizontal stripes on the bottom of the torso - but the upcoming version is inspired by the club's 1999 Treble-winning heroics. As a result, only the neck and Adidas logo (which was previously white) will be black. The three shoulder stripes will remain, but they will be a subtle dark red.

    The big change, though, comes in the form of the club's badge, which will be situated within a shield with a black and gold colourway.

  34. Manchester United - Away kit

    Manchester United - Away kit

    The Manchester United away kit for 2019-20 is inspired by the mosaic patterns which adorn many pavements in the 'Northern Quarter' of the city.

    It is predominantly gold in colour with bold black trimmings on the collar, sleeves and the adidas stripes.

  35. Manchester United - Third kit
    Adidas/Goal composite

    Manchester United - Third kit

    Manchester United's third kit for 2019-20 pays tribute to the club's first ever FA Cup triumph in 1909.

    The jersey is predominantly, which is constrasted with the solar red of the club badge and adidas logo.

  36. Newcastle United - Home kit
    Newcastle United/Puma

    Newcastle United - Home kit

    Newcastle United are rolling out a bold new look in 2019-20 as they reduce the number of stripes on their home kit.

    The new kit is said to be inspired by the club's Inter-Cities Fairs Cup win of 1969 and it features just two large white stripes on the front, with the Newcastle badge and Puma logo occupying the centre of the chest, rather than the left. There is a round black collar with a white trim

    The jersey will be accompanied by black shorts and white socks.

  37. Newcastle United - Away kit

    Newcastle United - Away kit

    Newcastle United have returned to deep green for their away kit in 2019-20, a colourway they last used in the 1993-1995 and 2005-2006 campaigns.
  38. Newcastle United - Third kit

    Newcastle United - Third kit

    The Magpies unveiled their third kit on July 30, an orange number featuring a standout graphic that was inspired by the steel girders that make up the roof of the stands at St James’ Park stadium.
  39. Paris Saint-Germain - Home kit

    Paris Saint-Germain - Home kit

    The new Paris Saint-Germain home kit was officially launched at the end of June.

    Produced by Nike, who have extended their partnership with the club until 2032, it features new sponsor Accor Live Limitless (ALL) and the iconic 'Hechter style' has returned, with white and red to feature down the middle.

    The kit is a celebration of 30 years of partnership with Nike.

  40. Paris Saint-Germain - Away kit

    Paris Saint-Germain - Away kit

    Paris Saint-Germain unveiled their new red away strip on July 25, with the shirt, created by Nike, featuring the special Jordan basketball logo.

  41. Real Madrid - Home kit

    Real Madrid - Home kit

    Real Madrid's 2019-20 home kit is made by adidas and fans got an early glimpse when a leaked photo appeared on Twitter in early May.

    It's no surprise that the Blancos' new home kit will be white, but the accompanying colour pairing has changed from black to gold, which they last wore in 2011-12.

    Interestingly, Gareth Bale, whose future at the club is up in the air, appeared prominently in the promotional photos.

  42. Real Madrid - Away kit

    Real Madrid - Away kit

    The Liga giants will don blue and gold away from home in the 2019-20 campaign.

    Gareth Bale once again figures in the promotion material released by the club and Adidas, despite serious questions continuing to be asked of his future in the Spanish capital.

  43. Real Madrid - Third kit
    Adidas/Goal composite

    Real Madrid - Third kit

    Real Madrid's alternative kit for the 2019-20 campaign is a striking turquoise colour, contrasted with dark blue and white on the collar and sleeves.

  44. Roma - Home kit

    Roma - Home kit

    While Nike has brought some bold changes to Inter's shirt, no such departures have happened with the new Roma home kit.

    The Giallorossi will kit out much the same as they did in 2018-19, with only a few subtle alterations, including a lightning design on the collar and sleeves.

    Qatar Airways will remain as the club's sponsor and feature prominently on the front.

  45. Roma - Away kit

    Roma - Away kit

    The subtle lightning detail that featured on Roma's home kit has been ditched completely in the away kit, with a giant Giallorossi bolt forming a diagonal sash across a white jersey.

    Just like the home jersey though, there is a v-neck collar look.

  46. Tottenham - Home kit

    Tottenham - Home kit

    Very little has changed with the new Tottenham home kit for 2019-20 - it is mostly white with a dash of navy on the collar and trim.

    A v-neck collar features this year along with blue shorts and white socks. Classic.

  47. Tottenham - Away kit

    Tottenham - Away kit

    Tottenham's away kit for 2019-20 sees a little more experimentation than the home outfit.

    With a navy blue base, kit designers Nike have incorporated a bold look on the chest with purple diagonal lines appearing, calling to mind their work on this season's Inter home kit.

  48. Tottenham - Third kit

    Tottenham - Third kit

    The third kit is framed by a dark blue trim on the sleeves, and also on a classic ’90s button-down collar, a tribute to the club's iconic players of the past.

    “Everyone will see the retro influence, it’s a tribute to the jersey culture of the 90s,” said Harry Kane. “When you see the light blue you think of those players that paved the way, and I hope this year we can wear it with pride to go all the way.”

  49. Valencia - Home kit
    Valencia CF

    Valencia - Home kit

    The Liga side launched their new home kit on July 5, with the classic design concept inspired by the city and club's Roman history – and pays homage to the fans. The kit additionally portrays the special connection between Valencia and its home of the Mestalla.
  50. Valencia - Away kit
    Valencia CF

    Valencia - Away kit

    Valencia's 2019-20 away kit was relesed in early July, with its black and orange colours inspired by "Las Fallas", the Spanish festival of fire and passion.